Why Eat Insects?

Welcome to our Why Eat Insects page! Entomophagy (Or Insect eating to you and I) is practiced around the world by approximately 2 Billion people every day. As well as being tasty, insects are packed with protein and other nutrients that your body needs, making them a perfect ingredient in your next meal. If we haven’t already tempted your taste buds, please look below where we answer the question, Why Eat Insects?

Highly Nutritious

Edible insects contain around 50g protein (per 100g) along with a large number of minerals such as Calcium, Iron and Zinc; all whilst being low in carbohydrate, making them a nutrient packed and healthy addition to your diet. If you compare this with beef, which has around 19g protein (per 100g) and a considerably lower amount of iron it is clear to see the huge potential benefits of eating insects.

A Sustainable Alternative

Insects require considerably less land and fewer resources to make 1kg of protein than other animal-based protein sources. Insects require less than a cupful of water to produce 1kg of protein compared to around 15,400 Litres to make just 1kg of beef!

Less Waste

With our edible insects, nearly 100% of the insect is used to make food, compared to around 40% of a cow being used for beef there is considerably less waste.

Insect waste or frass, like conventional animal waste, can be used as a fertiliser, all of the waste from our farm goes on to be used by gardeners to help grow their plants!

Better For the Environment

As mentioned in a previous section, insects require significantly fewer resources than conventional animal agriculture. An average cow requires around 25kg of grain to produce 1Kg of beef, compared with mealworms which only need around 2kg. Feeding this quantity of grain to livestock increases demand for food, raising prices and making it harder for the world’s poor to afford. In order to grow this grain, around 30% of the world’s land surface is now used for animal agriculture. Since food, land and water are scarce in some areas, this represents a highly inefficient use of resources.
Farming insects is better for the environment than traditional animal agriculture. The average cow produces between 70 and 120Kg of methane per year whereas Mealworms don’t produce any! Methane has been found to be  around 23 times worse for the planet than carbon dioxide.


We think that edible insects taste delicious! Why not try them for yourselves?