Are your Insects Organic?

Officially, unfortunately no. UK Organic certification bodies do not currently recognise the type of farming used to farm insects, though we hope that this will change in the future. All of our insects are fed with 100% Certified Organic feed for the entirety of their lives, and we are committed to using as many organic products as possible in the production of or products. (rigourously tested for food safety)

How can I get Involved?

We welcome all constructive ideas and criticisms. If you have a delicious new recipe or insect news to share feel free to contact us and we will put it up on our blog along with your name (should you wish it) so that everyone knows whose excellent idea it was!

How much of your farm is powered by solar power?

A large proportion! It is impossible to give an exact number due to it depending on the weather. On a sunny day it could be nearly 100% on a less than cheerful day it could be less.

Who Should Eat Insects?

Hopefully almost everyone! Due to the sustainable nature of the product, its environmental advantages over traditional meat products, its strong nutritional benefits and its especially high protein content, it is suitable for anyone who is interested in sustainable foods, the environment, has a high protein diet or would like access to high quality ethically produced nutrients.

Sadly, Edible Insects may not be suitable for people who are allergic to shellfish, crustaceans or dust mites due to them containing similar allergens.