About Us

Welcome to MiniFeasts, a revolutionary new edible insect farm!

Entomophagy (Insect Eating) is a fascinating and tasty way of meeting your daily protein needs. Insects are highly nutritious and contain a high percentage of protein, healthy fats and minerals all whilst being low in carbohydrates.

All of our insects are farmed and processed in our purpose-built facility on the outskirts of historic Oxford. We take care of our insects, which are fed on 100% approved organic feed and kept at their ideal temperatures, to give you a truly high-quality product made from happy, healthy insects. A large part of our energy requirement is provided by solar power (weather permitting) ensuring that our insects don’t cost the earth.

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To read more about one of the UKs newest and most sustainable food trends, visit our ‘Why Eat Insects?’ page to find out more about the Entomophagy movement.

Founded by Alex, a Biotechnologist and keen entomologist, MiniFeasts aims to introduce people to the practice of eating insects and help move the UK towards a more sustainable method of protein consumption.

Being a lifelong keen entomologist, Alex had experience breeding and keeping a wide variety of insects. From there it was a short step to breeding mealworms and other species suitable for humans to eat, and the idea of MiniFeasts was born.

We are one of the first British company to farm and process 100% of the edible insects that we sell. Giving you consumers full traceability in all of our products, from farm to table!

From here we are working to help establish edible insects in the UK and help remove people’s fears and misconceptions about insects.